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Panagiotopoulos Optics is a company with more than 100 years history in the field of optics.

The path starts December 1922, the number 24 of Aristomenous pathway where Panagiotopoulos Stavros Michael opens along with his brother Panagos a store that sells jewelry watches and glasses.

In 1927, the two brothers split the business and Stavros store first moved under "Panellinion" Hotel and in 1930 to 13 of the same street where is housed today.

In 1939 shop assumes the son of Michael (Lakis). During the Italo-German occupation shop he manages to survive but with large material losses. Michael was a very clever and industrious man and could quickly bring the store to previous form. In this he helped his brother Panagiotis who became a partner in the business.

In 1958 Michael gives exams and gets the "Title visual capacity".

panagiotopoulos sunglasses

In 1987, his son Michael Stavros, having studied the optical and School Optometrists in TEI of Athens returns to Kalamata and takes an active role in business and introducing new and sophisticated components to customer service and in optics.

In 1994 Stavros expand the shop bringing the same as it was in 1930.

90 years history, which continues to provide excellent quality and good prices, ingredients that earned the trust and loyalty of our customers.

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Newspaper "Simaia" 22/12/1922

panagiotopoulos 1922

Newspaper "Simaia" 29/06/1927


Newspaper "Tharros" 7/12/1951

Newspaper "Tharros" 31/03/1954

panagiotopoulos tharros

Panagiotopoulos Optics 2011

panagiotopoulos optics

Panagiotopoulos Optics 2021

panagiotopoulos optics

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